Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Why does this matter?

“Disconnection and artificial reality are dangerous. The distance between consumer and food is becoming even greater.”

Now is a good time to take a closer look at farming for meat. The connection between farming and food is being emphasised by retailers, brands, the media and chefs, yet for most people, contact with the reality of food production, and especially meat, has been lost. In particular, almost all of us it seems – tend to avoid thinking about how our meat has died, and the packaged, bloodless, unnecessarily processed meat sold in supermarkets is simply unrecognisable from the animal it was.

Many will say that they don’t want or need to know. But such disconnection and artificial reality are dangerous. If we aren’t engaged with the reality of meat production – including often difficult and challenging issues – our ability to effect change is limited. The less we understand and care about farmed-for-meat animals the easier it is to kill them, or rather to have them killed without us having to think about it.

In Britain today there is little opportunity to learn about farming for meat. As the trend towards increasing centralisation and industrialisation of meat production, and particularly slaughter and butchery, continues, so the distance between consumer and food becomes ever greater. Our on-farm courses are designed to help people connect with the reality of producing meat, to recover something largely lost today – proper understanding of and respect for how our food reaches our plates.