Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Rabbit in a Day - 10 am – 5pm

'Rabbit in a Day' COURSE COSTS

Cost: £80 per person

Lunch & drinks included

Take away about £30 worth of product

Max size of group: 8

Dates: 15th September

At Trealy Farm we raise bunnies for meat as we accept these give a nutritious and sound nourishment that can be raised with an extremely low carbon impression and on a generally little space. The 'Bunny In A Day' course both empowers you to associate legitimately with the issues of cultivating for meat and – if this is your advantage – will give you a decent beginning for raising your own meat bunnies.

In the wake of meeting each of the six types of meat animals at Trealy Farm, presenting fundamental livestock cultivation and talking about a portion of the issues around manageable meat cultivating, we will concentrate on raising bunnies for meat. You will have the chance to accommodatingly butcher a meat bunny raised at Trealy Farm utilizing a sympathetic executioner and with help from Ruth. Should you conclude you would lean toward not to do this part this will be accomplished for you. You will at that point proceed to skin and gut your bunny. Inside our meat handling unit you will set up a bunny and pork item, for example, pate, rillettes or confit.

This course would suit the individuals who need to associate straightforwardly with the stuff to raise bunnies, butcher and dress a carcase. It would likewise suit the individuals who should raise their own meat bunnies and/or the individuals who wish to increase commonsense aptitudes in all parts of raising and getting ready cultivated or wild hares for the table.