Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Rabbit in a Day - 10 am – 5pm

'Rabbit in a Day' COURSE COSTS

Cost: £80 per person

Lunch & drinks included

Take away about £30 worth of product

Max size of group: 8

Dates: 15th September

At Trealy Farm we raise rabbits for meat as we believe these provide a nutritious and healthy food that can be raised with a very low carbon footprint and on a relatively small space. The 'Rabbit In A Day' course both enables you to connect very directly with the issues of farming for meat and – if this is your interest – will give you a good start for raising your own meat rabbits.

After meeting all six species of meat animals at Trealy Farm, introducing basic farm animal husbandry and discussing some of the issues around sustainable meat farming, we will focus on rearing rabbits for meat. You will have the opportunity to humanely slaughter a meat rabbit raised at Trealy Farm using a humane killer and with support from Ruth. Should you decide you would prefer not to do this part this will be done for you. You will then go on to skin and gut your rabbit. Within our meat processing unit you will prepare a rabbit and pork product such as pate, rillettes or confit.

This course would suit those who want to connect very directly with what it takes to raise rabbits, slaughter and dress a carcase. It would also suit those who might want to raise their own meat rabbits and / or those who wish to gain practical skills in all aspects of raising and preparing farmed or wild rabbits for the table.