Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

The Course in more detail

Plenty of time for discussion and questions.

The Meat Course is a very innovative and exciting course. We cover the whole process of farming and producing meat (we have 6 species of meat animal at Trealy) through the slaughter and carcase dressing to butchery and processing. You will spend time with, handle and learn about farm animals. You will learn about different approaches to farming and their impacts. At the end of Day 1 you will witness a sheep being humanely slaughtered by Ruth and have the opportunity to participate in the skinning and preparation of the carcase should you wish to do so.

On Day 2 John Standerwick, butcher at Trealy Farm Charcuterie, will join us to butcher a sheep and a pig and share his depth and breadth of expertise on butchery. He will take you through basic knife skills and boning techniques as you prepare your own side of belly pork to make bacon. You will then spend the afternoon with James in an introduction to charcuterie. This will focus on the seven basic techniques of food preservation and the fundamental importance of salt. You will design your own sausage recipe, make sausages and faggots which you will take away along with your bacon and a selection of award winning Trealy Farm Charcuterie products.

James and I are present throughout the course, including meal times, and we use a variety of approaches including plenty of opportunity for questions and hands on engagement. We discuss the whole question of sustainability and between us we have a wealth of knowledge on food and farming. We always look forward to responding to particular interests of participants and we will ask you to respond to a few questions in advance of the course so that we can plan with each individual in mind.

Please be aware that throughout the course you will be very well looked after - we aim to provide a space for relaxation and retreat as much as for engagement and learning. Trealy Farm is a stunningly beautiful location and the pavilion where we meet together during the course is large, comfortable and available for your use throughout the weekend. We also have a large wood fired sauna which participants are free to use. We will have a chef cooking for us a diverse and delicious menu throughout the weekend and at all times we aim to foster a friendly and communal atmosphere between participants. In the past many friendships and connections have been made.

Overall we aim to give you not just the experience of the Meat Course but a wonderful weekend in beautiful countryside enjoying great food and companionship.

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