Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Understanding the Farming Lingo and landscape

'Lingo and landscape' COURSE COSTS

£50 per person, including lunch and drinks.

Ever considered what's happening over the fence? Why a few fields are exposed and others are lavishly green? What may be developing and why? What's implied via carbon sequestration, bulling, hogget and ley? Where have all the lowlands gone? Also, does it make a difference? Progressively the open needs to think about cultivating and as it should be. Ranchers develop nourishment and are liable for probably the best resource – land. This one day course gives an exuberant and enhancing prologue to cultivating issues: ecological, monetary, political, social and moral. We will walk, watch and discussion about various cultivating rehearses and their particular effects empowering members to turn out to be progressively 'educated' on scene, dialect and the copying issues.