Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

is this course for me?


“The experience made me want to cook more and take an active and adventurous role in cooking”

Andrew Michie

“The place is a very special environment. The thing that impressed me most was the respect for the animals and the land”

Annie Gorton-Harding

“I now have more confidence about eating meat and trust that I can ask questions about the meat I’m buying“

Helen Cusins

“The course has prompted me to do more research into keeping my own animals”

Steve Marshall

The course is intended to benefit a diverse range of people from those who know nothing about meat or farming to those who are well informed and / or skilled. It may be that you are interested in losing weight through mindful eating, that you are an ambivalent meat eater, a meat eater or a vegetarian who wishes to explore further their motivation, a small holder who has never witnessed a slaughter and / or would like to learn basic butchery, an individual or family who are thinking of going into farming or food production. You may be someone who specialises in one aspect of the food chain such as cooking or agriculture, but wish to know more about other aspects. You may not fit into any of these categories, but are simply interested in learning more about meat farming.

The courses are not just for those who love meat but also for those who are ambivalent about it or vegetarian and wish to further explore what lies behind their choices whether it be ethical, political or economic; to do with animal welfare, human health or sustainability.

If you are interested in joining a course, or would like more information before you decide, please email us.