Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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An engaging and practical hands-on experience

“Our courses are open to everyone, whatever their interest in meat or farming, whether or not they are already informed or skilled.”

The entirety of our courses happen at our ranch in Monmouthshire, where we raise conventional types of sheep, goats, dairy cattle, pigs, chickens and hares for meat. The courses are controlled by Ruth Tudor and James Swift and are available to anybody, from the individuals who think nothing about meat or cultivating to the individuals who are all around educated and/or gifted.

Each course is deliberately arranged in view of explicit results and considering the organization of the gathering. It's along these lines accommodating to know something about you ahead of time thus we request that you fill in a short poll when you apply for the course. On the off chance that, for instance, you are as of now ready to do essential butchery you might need to talk about how we could advance your aptitudes. Additionally on the off chance that you are a smallholder or rancher or a gourmet expert you might need to have a comparative discussion. Our point is to be adaptable and responsive.