Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Meat farming makes sense on our land

“We choose to farm meat because – starting at our feet – meat farming is what makes sense on hill land.”

Trealy Farm is a 135 acre mixed hill organic farm, looking out over the Trothy valley and towards the Black Mountains. The farm raises a variety of sheep breeds including traditional Welsh mountain and rare breed Manx Loughton. Goats, cattle, pigs, chickens and rabbits are also bred and raised at the farm; and vegetables, fruit and forage crops are grown.

Animals and crops are managed on a field rotation system to support animal and environmental well-being. We are committed to farming in a sustainable way which supports the well-being of our livestock, our land and our community. We believe our farming methods mitigate climate change and produce meat of the highest quality and, therefore, make sense for the future of farming.

We believe that meat farming should be grass fed, extensive and with low or no inputs. This approach promotes carbon sequestration and biodiversity; and produces healthier, tastier meat. In addition, we choose to raise rare and traditional breeds which are hardier (avoiding the need for housing and the feeding of concentrates) and tastier.

There are broad leaved woods, most formerly coppiced, ponds, streams, traditional hedges and a rich variety of wildlife. Parts of Trealy Farm are designated a site of Special Scientific Interest and we are keen to preserve and promote diverse wildlife habitats. Our management of the farm is partly supported by Tir Gofal – an agro- environmental scheme which promotes wildlife friendly farming. We have nightjars, hares, tree creepers, sparrow hawks, dormice, woodpeckers, barn owls and badgers as well as rare wild orchids.