Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Hire of Unit

‘Hire of Unit’ COURSE COSTS

Max size of group: 6

Cost From £100 per day depending on quantity of meat processed

Dates: by arrangement

Hire a professional meat processing premises.

Process your own meat products your own way - know what goes into your products!

We are offering a facility that is unique in the U.K.

Our meat processing premises is fully equipped for every aspect of meat processing. Hanging of carcasses, butchery, curing, sausage-making, slicing and smoking can all be done with professional-level equipment. Quality herbs, spices, curing salts, casings, knives etc will all be provided for your use. If you are happy with your level of skills, e.g. having done a course elsewhere, then a compulsory one-off hour of training in safe use of the machinery supplied will set you on your way. If you want to learn we can offer for an additional charge basic training in butchery, curing and sausage-making to set you on your way. The substantial unit can accommodate up to six people at a time.

This would suit those – aged 18 or over - who raise your own meat and are interested in processing it. AND Frustrated food lovers who would like to use fully traceable free range meat sourced by us or themselves to make a freezer-full of creations.

You could be:

  • a family looking to fill their freezer with food made the way *they* want it,
  • a smallholder wanting to take charge of every aspect of processing meat they raise,
  • a group of friends who want to share a unique and productive experience,
  • anyone who wants to save money and make meat products they can *really* trust.

Let your creativity express itself and learn or develop meat processing skills.

Please note that although every aspect of the premises is to food manufacturing standard and has all necessary Environmental Health clearances any products that are taken away are for personal/family use only and do *not* have legal clearance for any form of onward sale.