Connecting with the reality of farming animals for meat

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Would you like to know more about meat and what goes into producing it?

“In Britain today there is little opportunity to learn about farming for meat. Now is a good time to take a closer look.”

Most of us eat meat but how many of us are fully aware of what goes into bringing our meat to the table? Few of us buy our meat from butchers’ shops where we have a chance to not only see – but also smell – the reality of what we are buying. Even fewer of us have ever had the experience of actually being involved in farming for food, of witnessing on farm slaughter or participating in the communal feast afterwards.

Through our courses at Trealy Farm, we expect to interface individuals with these real factors in a steady and open manner, investigating the entire procedure of delivering meat including cultivating rehearses, butcher, butchery and cooking.

Our website tells you more about our courses, our farm and us, and why we think it’s important that people have the chance to experience first-hand just what goes into producing meat. We hope you are inspired to want to find out more.

Ruth Tudor